SPF Begins…Sort of.

Which is to say that SPF absolutely did begin this past Tuesday, July 7. But I haven’t been around. I’ve been on the road from California. But we had our first readthrough last night and so it has sort of begun for me.

Anyhow, this is all prelude to saying that SPF has a playwrights blog that I’m part of and I’m going to post my entries here as well. Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 8

But wait, it’s Friday July 9–no, make that the 10th. Or is it Saturday? I don’t really know. I just know I’m late getting my post to the blog. This however is not because I’m some sort of slacker or scatter-brain, it’s because I’ve just driven 3,156 miles to be sitting here at my desk in New York again. I was in California with my girlfriend. She’s a set designer and was working out there for the summer. I went to spend time with her and to bring us both back back east. Logistically it isn’t a hard thing to do: Pack car, get in, note rising of sun, head towards that. Cross mountains, desert, more mountains, plains, plains, plains, prairie and farmland, farmland, farmland, mountains again, more farmland, Jersey-ness, follow eyes and ears to big, noisy city, get across city, survive the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, park outside Astoria apartment, unpack, collapse. The catch was that my girlfriend’s last day was Friday, July 3, and I had to be back in the city Thursday, July 9 for the first readthrough of We Declare You a Terrorist. It’s a long way to go in such a short span of time, but it’s an amazing way to see the country. And it was pretty amazing to be eastbound on I-78 through New Jersey with the Manhattan skyline rising before me. It’s a sight I’ve seen many times, but knowing that behind me was a long very long journey from the San Francisco Bay made it special and new again. 

And what has this got to do with my play? Absolutely nothing. I could draw some sort of metaphoric parallel to the long journey it’s been seeing this play come to this point where I’m suddenly just over two weeks away from having it open at SPF. It’s true. It has been a long journey. But that’s pretty lame. Mostly I just wanted to write about the roadtrip because as a writer I’m fascinated by landscape and how people inhabit it. What I can say aboutTerrorist is that the readthrough last night went very well. It was my first time hearing this newest draft and getting to meet two of my actors and I’m very excited. I think we’ve got a fantastic cast, a fantastic design team, fantastic production team. We start rehearsals on Monday and I can’t wait.

But first I have to finish the roadtrip. Today I’m driving to Cape Cod.

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