UPDATE on “We declare you a terrorist…”



Hi all.

So thrilled to share some news about my play “We declare you a terrorist…” 

This past fall, Round House Theatre in Bethesda, MD, expressed their interest in producing the play and offered me a finishing commission to do a big rewrite of the play. I gladly accepted and dove back in to working on it.

Well, I’m happy to share that Round House has officially announced that they will be producing WDYAT during their 2020-21 season with Artistic Director Ryan Rilette & Jared Mezzocchi at the helm.

Check out the official season announcement here. Terrorist will run from April 6-May 16, 2021.

Until then, you can check out pictures from the SPF 2009 production here.

And read an excerpt here.

And if you’re thinking, “Hold on, hold on, back up a sec. Tell me more about this play.” Then this section is for you:

We Declare You a Terrorist examines the 2002 Moscow Theatre Hostage crisis and the ways in which it changes one of the survivors, leading him down a road of dissent and resistance against the burgeoning dictatorship his home is turning into. After being held hostage in a Moscow theater by terrorists demanding an end to Russia’s war in Chechnya, one man is still haunted by the relationships he made during the crisis and unable to move past the tragic events that surrounded the siege’s conclusion. In a desperate attempt to understand where he and his country have come to he attempts to sneak into Chechnya only to be captured by Russian agents and suspected of being a terrorist himself. All alone in an interrogation room on the Russian frontier he is forced to confront just what happened during those fifty-seven hours in 2002.

The play is a 4-hander which bounces back and forth before the Dubrovka Theatre in 2002 and an interrogation room on the Russian frontier in 2003.

If you’re interested in producing it, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at the following:

timjlord.playwright [at] gmail [dot] com


“You pray to the gods? Let me grant your prayers.”


“I stand, revealed at last.”

What began with the birth of a god is not yet finished. The debt has not been paid; the Gods themselves are still owed.

“Dost know thy lineage? Nay, thou know’st it not,/ And all unwitting art a double foe/ To thine own kin, the living and the dead;/ Aye and the dogging curse of mother and sire/ One day shall drive thee, like a two-edged sword,/ Beyond our borders, and the eyes of that now/ See clear shall henceforward endless night.”

The next play in my Thebes cycle is on its way. Look for readings in your neighborhood this spring and fall.

“The hammer clicks in place….” but only 3 more times

New headshot. I’m going for “serious, but still a fun guy to hang out with, and maybe a little bit mischievous.”

Hi all,

The production in LA is going very well, and everyone except for this guy is very excited about it. Yes, that’s what is known in the review world as a “pan;” but I can’t help it if I’ve sullied the Greeks with things like sex and swearing. I’m sure they were all pretty puritanical, didn’t fuck around or stuff like that. That must be why their myths are all so dull.

Anyhow, there are 3 performances left. Tonight’s is sold out but there are still tickets left for Friday, June 1, and Saturday, June 2. They are available here. But be quick. There aren’t many left.

And if you attempt to buy tickets but find them all sold out, come to the theater anyway. We’ve had no-shows at every performance, so if we can, we’ll squeeze you in at the last moment.

I will be at all performances, so I hope to see you there.

P.S. Thoughts on that head-shot? Funny background, but that’s my backyard so it seems…appropriate(?)