On Every Link a Heart Does Dangle; or Owed

As the culmination of my Apothetae Fellowship at the Lark, we did a BareBones workshop there from April 20-May 19 with 8 public presentations. I had an incredible team and we did a bunch of transformative work while having a fair amount of fun along the way.

Directed by Meredith McDonough
Stage Manger: Alex Murphy
Assistant Stage Manger: Peter Royston
Sound consultation by Stowe Nelson

Mellie: Madison Ferris
Aga: Chloé Bell
Casta: Christina Pumariega
Kree: Jasmin Walker
Zebulon: Andy Lucien
Chorus Leader: Stephanie Berry
Chorus 1: Kimberly Chatterjee
Chorus 2: Rin Allen
Chorus 3: Vichet Chum

All photos by Karin Shook.