Meanwhile, at the Department of the Interior….

In addition to all the excitement in Los Angeles, I also have 10-minute play happening here in New York City. It’s being produced as part of Working Theater’s 3rd Annual Directors Salon.

Here’s what Working Theater and the Salon are all about:

“Working Theater is currently in its 27th season, and as part of our programming, The 3rd Annual Working Theater Directors Salon will take place April 16th -22nd. The Salon supports emerging NYC directors by giving them the opportunity to showcase their work, meet other theater artists, and to hear from leaders in the field.

“Curated by Luke Harlan, Dina Vovsi, and Nicole A. Watson, with the support of Working Theater Producing Artistic Director Mark Plesent, this year’s theme is Work for Change. Given Working Theater’s mission to make theater for and about working people and the revolutionary presence of the Occupy Wall Street movement, we wanted to create a week of events that asked the question, what do you work for? Inspired by a “Will work for food” sign, we are curious to see the kind of plays that emerged if given this prompt: Will work for _____. We are particularly interested in writers whose work represents members of working communities and reveals a unique perspective in the context of the larger world.”

Now the fun part of all this is that anyone can take part as a director. All you have to do is show up to the kickoff party on April 16, put your name in a hat, and if it’s drawn–Bam!–you’re directing a play. At the very least, you should all come on out and be a part of the festivities.

As for me and my part in it, here’s a quick description of the play…

It’s a hard thing getting by in the Twenty-Teens! So when Dawn discovers a mysterious piece of paper at her dead end job, loses that job, and gets put on a government watchlist, it sets in motion a series of events that will bring her into contact with the historic personages that have started returning to the present world both to help us fight our battles and to bring us down, not to mention the ubiquitous Agent Rollins from the Department of the Interior— Just whose side is he on? And where in the world is Dawn going to start calling home now that she can’t pay the rent? All these questions will be asked (and maybe answered?) in the latest installment of Tim J. Lord’s Department of the Interior series, “Bureau of Land Management!”

For one night only, you can see the play along with 6 others. It happens Sunday, April 22, 7pm, at the June Havoc Theater at the Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex (312 West 36th Street). And all events are FREE!

In the meantime, you can check out an excerpt!